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When I looked up about driving bans under totting up rules, I found this:

"How does the totting up procedure work?

The number of penalty points varies according to the nature of the motoring offence. The more serious the driving offence, the higher the number of points. The minimum number of points for the most minor offences is 2 points, whilst offences such as failing to comply with a traffic light carry a non–discretionary 3 points, other offences have a range of points which allows the Magistrates to vary the punishment depending on the severity of the incident. For example, speeding ranges from 3 to 6 points. Speeding offences dealt with by Fixed Penalty Notices will have a standard 3 points, whereas more serious speeding cases which are dealt with at Court, can result in up to 6 points being endorsed on the convicted driver's licence. Another common offence, driving without due care, ranges from 3–9 points, again dependent on the circumstances of the case.

Should a driver reach 12 points in a 3 year period, the Court guidelines are an automatic disqualification of 6 months should be imposed.

How long does a totting up ban last for?

The recommended mandatory period of disqualification for a totting up ban is 6 months. Some Courts do exercise discretion and there are examples of 3 months being imposed but in theory, if you reach 12 points and cannot convince the Court that you should be allowed to keep your licence, you are off the road for 6 months."

I believe I remember reading that he got nicked for 3 points on 4 different times (over 3 years), hence 12 points. And 6 month ban. Since he only got the minimum 3 points each time, it doesn't sound as though it was anything particularly more serious.
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