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Robin Hardy survives then, I was not very impressed by the Wicker tree, the original is a truly great film. Perhaps Ecosse could make a "40 years later" how things are now going on Summerisle" kind of film, I'm sure a few more virgins need to be sacrificed
The Wicker Tree was based on Hardy's own novel, Cowboys of Christ. But I kind of wished they made a direct sequel to the Wicker Man - as you said - some 40 years later kind of thing. As the Wicker Tree was a little disappointing.

I did read a few years ago (The Wicker Tree has been in production since 2007) that there is going to be a 3rd movie -making a trilogy sort of thing! would love to a return back to Summerisle
but whats actually planned is not quite the case

and to be fair The Wicker Tree is a 1000 times better than the Wicker Man remake.
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