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Where did you get it?! Was it an online copy or a DVD?
Ummm how to pussy-foot around what I can post.

At this time of year (The Oscars) the Academy voting members are sent all the films nominated to view on DVDs called 'Screeners' - They are very good copies and not some version someone has filmed in the cinema on a camcorder. (Just every 45min or so, there is a line of text that pops up at the bottom for a few seconds saying basically that this copy is for voting consideration and not to be sold or publically viewed) But sound and picture are as good as a DVD.

Now of course, with all these nice Screeners floating around, some fall off the backs of the lorries and do end up on online torrent sites.

Morally I have paid to see it at the cinema and will be buying the Blu-Ray version when it comes out, so this is just bridging the gap and my conscience is clean - So don't send Javert after me!

However, no one else must do this as it's illegal
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