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We are all different thankfully - I cannot abide Amanda Burton (in anything), she seemed to have one simpering facial expression.
I much prefer the format of recent years but my jury is out on the new guy and I hate the 'hidden back story that suggests one thing and usually turns out to be nothing' nonsense they insist on doing with new characters.
I'm the same. I couldn't stand Amanda Burton in anything. But to my own surprise, I'm actually beginning to wish the series would go back to those days.

Is there a completely new set of writers for this current series ?
You always had to suspend belief when watching SW, but not to the extent of recent episodes. It appears to me as if they are trying to appeal to a completely different set of viewers, either that or we are watching a "jump the shark" moment.

It will interesting to see if they can keep old loyal viewers, or attract enough new viewers to make for those who decide to call it a day. I'll continue watching, if there's nothing better to do, but it's no longer in the "must see" category..even with the lovely Emilia Fox.
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