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Thank you for refreshing my memory. I'd guess other soul/disco hits of that era that flourished in the absence of TOTP were George Benson's 'Give Me The Night', Tom Browne's 'Funkin' For Jamaica (NY)' and Change's Chic-tastic 'A Lover's Holiday' ...
I don't think there's much wrong with your memory Servalan - based on your past posts! Pretty good nick - I would say. However you did refresh my memory with your reference to the classic Tom Browne single 'Funkin For Jamaica' which was my favourite record of 1980. And it was in the charts at the same time as Odyssey. Oddysey UIUWIO was the 257th single I bought and FFJ was the 260th. So I know they were out at the same time and like you say - dance music flourished without TOTP back in the mid 1980. Also love Change's A Lover's Holiday and the other side The Glow of Love with Luther was equally as good . Excellent value for money. As Smashie and Nicey would say 'Halicon Days' !!!
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