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The most surprising thing for me is reading comments from folk who were there. You're clearly the same age as my mum yet you have a grasp of the net that she just can't get!

The presentation style was amusing. The explanation of the jet stream using 9 different hand-drawn pictures, and not explained very well at all; whereas today we'd have CGI and a well-known science presenter doing the job (maybe equally badly).

I know Cliff Mitchelmore is no longer around, but what of the others? I don't remember them from my youth but they must have been doing things I've seen.

I'm not old enough to remember the 60s but I do remember a bad few winters in the 70s (maybe 76) when the snow was several feet deep and we built an igloo out of snow-filled icecream tubs.

I also recall my dad digging a tunnel to get to work, and couldn't do anything when he got there because he was a bus driver.
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