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Actually, Liz, if you were an adult/functioning person, your natural response to hearing about the funeral would be: "Oh I'm so sorry...was it someone you were close to? Are you OK?" Not "WAAAA! I wanna go to the funeral! I'll thcweam and I'll thcweam and I'll thcweam till I'm thick!" followed by her default knee-jerk impulse: a personal insult based on weight.

As for the MoS article....what is the point in all those "white" references? (That's not a rhetorical question BTW...I genuinely don't understand what she's getting at. What has that got to do with anything?) I'm genuinely intrigued to hear from her supporters (who will no doubt tell us how "hilarious" her latest diatribe is) for an explanation.

And how many more times are we going to get that well-used "they wouldn't talk to me like this if I were a posh man" mantra? When will she twig that people take against her not because she is female and middle-aged, but because she is rude, insulting, spiteful, self-important, and has a vicious tendency to react to any disagreement by spouting insults about people's weight, dress sense, hair loss, or the ever-present assumption that they are being bullied by horrible controlling wives. All these things say far more about Liz than they do about any of the people on the receiving end.
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