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Well ... I was in the audience for this show, and they actually filmed 3 hours worth of material.

And I'll tell you what ... I loved it!

If you think the show's tired and now longer funny, there's an easy answer to that ...

Personally for me, it's still one of the wittiest shows on the terrestrial channel (along with HIGNFY), and it's good to see that it isn't forced.

Couple of things I would say;
* If you thought Jimmy Carr got some ribbing about his teeth, you should have seen what they cut out!
* Claudia Winkleman came out with some genuinely funny lines about (ahem) "buckets" and what she does to protect her kids in the cold weather.
* A lot of "questions" were missing entirely, especially one about the weather, which got really surreal.
* Jimmy Carr actually came across as a decent bloke, and was the only one in the show to mix with the audience, and stay afterwards for pictures and autographs.
* Cynics might think that the audience laughter and "whooping" was forced. It's not. Apart from one lone guy signalling when you can applaud following clips and ad-breaks, you're not guided to act in any way... It was a mixed age audience (there's about 400 people sitting behind the audience shown on the screen) and not one person I spoke to was disappointed with the show.

Even the warm-up guy was good. All in all it was just as good as going to a live show, and free!
Cheers for that. At least you've added something interesting to the thread.

I usually like the Uncut/Extra programmes but this hour long episode did seem to drag on.

Looks like it should be a good hour of comedy on C4 next week though with 8Oo10C and The Last Leg.
Shame they're on at 9pm. 10pm would seem like a better time slot, although they have Norton to deal with at 10:35.
I doubt many will tune back in to that Paddy show.
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