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I'm pleased I'm not the only member of the Dollar appreciation society. They had great singles, and a decent pairing, and later a fab producer!

I was so cross when they got booted off Re-born In The USA some 10 years ago first act to go. They should have won, or at least come second to Tony Hadley, if anyone recalls this odd Davina fronted ITV show. It ended up more like Killed Off In The USA to me. Oh, and David Van Day had a big spat with the talent free zone that was Sonia, good on him!
I agree that Dollar had some great songs but "Burger" Van Day is a horrible little man, a really nasty piece of work which was evident from his behaviour on both Reborn in the USA and later on Coach Trip where he was paired up with Tony Blackburn who was a total gentleman.

Cheryl Baker was on Coach Trip at the same time and she said on camera how much she loathed DVD and he really does himself no favours, he's a nasty, sexist little pig.
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