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I'm in two camps about argan oil, I use both the pure oil and the commercial brands but I have a specific purpose for their use. People rave a lot about Moroccanoil, and all of the other brands who have jumped on the argan oil bandwagon. A lot of talk is about how well it smooths and tames the hair, well yeah that's probably because these products are chock full of silicone and synthetics. I use Moroccan oil but I don't use it necessarily because I think it will do magical and nurturing things for my hair; I use it as a styling product, and it works well for that purpose. I'm not kidding myself that it's the argan in the product that gives my hair the glossy smooth sheen, it more than likely is the silicone.

If I want to use argan that will do a great job in conditioning and treating my hair I will use 100% pure argan. It won't smell as nice as the commercial brands but at least I'm getting the real deal. Alternatively use an oil blend with a mixture of good oils. I am currently using one with the following mix, Argan (and the argan is the first ingredient) camellia seed, sweet almond, jojoba, meadowfoam seed, wheatgerm, coconut and vitamin E oils, it has no pretty smell but it a very good oil. Another decent brand is Dr Organics Argan oil hair treatment, it's about 12 at Holland & Barrett and again the ingredients are awesome.

It's so important to know what you're buying and not fall too much for all the hype. There are lots of products that will make the hair shiny, coconut oil for a start.

Oo I've often wondered whether it really as wonderful as the brands say it is.
What is the best way to use it? Is it like using olive oil on hair application wise, ie coat hair in it before washing then shampoo/condition? I think I will order some now.
You can put some in the hair before shampooing, you can add it to your conditioner, you can use it on damp hair before blow drying, you can add some to the ends in between washes; it's a multi purpose product. I use rollers and I add Moroccanoil to the ends before rolling. It really does give a nice shine, but I don't think I'll repurchase...
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