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So? Your expectation of the business practices of one store based on how some others run theirs is your error, not HMV’s. The T&Cs of both operations made it fullsomely clear they operate as seperate businesses with different pricing structures and no crossover between them. Your desire to conflate the two into one homogenous whole is not their problem.
Oh, please. Spare us your sanctimonious lecturing.

Branding is how businesses identify themselves. If I start trading using someone else's brand without permission, I get in trouble because I'm implying a connection where there isn't one. HMV and use the same branding.

And since you previously said...

HMV high street and HMV online do/did have different names: HMV and I refer you to the Compare The Market ad currently on telly - “Diffferent names, spelt and pronounced differently. See?” only gets the right to be as smugly condescensing as this if it's a universally-accepted rule of differentiation. It isn't.

Firstly, some companies have their online and retail operations connected far more closely. In many, they're just different facets of the exact same operation.

Secondly, I work for a company called "Placeholder Name Ltd.". (*) The website is at That's not the name of the company, that's our website. Even "" at the top of the page could reasonably be construed as a signifier that "this is the online outlet of HMV" and nothing more.

Even if the old page had said "Copyright 2013" in tiny letters at the bottom, that wouldn't make it immediately clear that it's an entirely separate business.

I entirely agree that HMV are entitled to run two different operations- I've nothing against that in principle, provided they explain this in their terms and conditions. But if they're going to use versions of the same branding on both, it's unreasonable to blame members of the public for any initial confusion.

Yes, we know that *you* find out every detail of a business as soon as you visit its website. However, most ordinary people identify things by brand- and given that this is the whole point of branding, it's unreasonable for you to blame them for not meeting your obsessive standards.

(*) Obviously not its actual name
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