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Things I like in the film version:

* Marius has a grand-dad! He even had a singing part towards the end. Thank God, thank God, he's home." Or something like that. Nice touch. Otherwise for people like me who don't read the original Victor Hugo's tome I would have thought that Marius is an orphan made good (becoming a student).

* Gavroche's tearing up when Eponine died. Got to know now that they are siblings.

* Mentioned before, the pair of candle stands that Valjean kept up till his death. Symbolising that he's committed to remain a changed (for the better) man.

* Ian Hislop lookalike in the carriage as a 'posh man' when Gavorche sang his first note.

* Towards the end, the bishop welcomed Valjean to the other world, the stage version I recalled seeing Fantine and Eponine as ghosts, but that doesn't make sense because Valjean in the musical never intearacted with Epoinine, so seeing the ghosts of Fantine and the bishop make perfect sense.

* Enjolras's death scene in the film was a perfect homage to the stage version as well.

* In fact, all the death scenes (except Russell's Javert) are very well done. As for Russell's Javert, I can't wait for him to jump, because I know that's the end of him having to sing.

* Subtle changes to the lyrics to the songs, Gavorche's philosophical take on the Revolution, which was not there in the original stage version, also some words in the songs like In My Life, Valjean's death etc.. Didn't really like Suddenly though I like the reprise where Cosette and Marius sang about Valjean's departure (using the melody of Suddenly).

However, I don't understand why the director used the take when Hugh's Valjean seemed to have made an obvious grammatical mistake: On his death, he sang, "On this page, I write my last confession" to Cosette while handing her the letter. I thought it should be "I wrote my last confession"? Why did they change it? Or was it just a slip from Hugh. If so, why did Hooper use that version?

Also, When Gavorche was sitting at the back of the carriage singing about everyone being equal "when we're dead", but he was clearing mouthing "when they're dead". So to say all the songs are done live with no ADR, that's not true.

Didn't like how they shoddily cut short the bit when Cosette was singing "Every day you walked with longer steps...", there was a Marius' part, and I can accept they felt Marius' singing part may not be necessary, but it was a clear adrupt jump when they edit Marius' part out. A fraction of a second allowance before Cosette continues, "Don't think about it, Marius" would have been much better.

Can't wait for the director's cut of the film. I believe the prologue of Eponine's On My Own would have been included in it. Also, Drink With Me would be longer. And Dong eat Dog would be in there too among other interesting historical and details they added into the film not present in the original stage musical...
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