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cathrin, who has died? and are you alright would be way beyond her as you very well know.
Hi sunstone, I couldn't see any mention of whose funeral it was. That says it all really, no thought to the person who has died or his/her grieving family; the funeral was simply regarded as an obstacle to Liz doing what she wanted, to be greeted with a foot-stamping sulk and a nasty comment about the FRS's weight (which, incidentally, only seems to have become an issue in the past couple of weeks as he's mysteriously morphed into her ex husband!)

Didn't she once take a similar attitude when recounting her own grandfather's death? I'm sure I remember a story about how her evening was ruined because he was knocked off his bike and killed, and this tragedy was presented purely as an inconvenience that stopped her from getting off with the boy she had her eye on?

ETA: I just Googled and found it! It's the same breathtakingly unfeeling attitude to someone else's tragedy. Awful.

ETA: What did she mean by "You can't afford me"? Is this another variation on the scornful "How much do you earn?" she snarled at a fellow driver not long ago?
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