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* Towards the end, the bishop welcomed Valjean to the other world, the stage version I recalled seeing Fantine and Eponine as ghosts, but that doesn't make sense because Valjean in the musical never intearacted with Epoinine, so seeing the ghosts of Fantine and the bishop make perfect sense.
He does briefly interact with Eponine in the stage show as she delivers the letter from Marius to Cosette that Valjean intercepts (which is done by Gavroche in the book and movie). And presumably whoever plays the Bishop in the stage show has by that point changed costume to play one of the men on the barricade, so having the Bishop return would be probably be a logistical headache/impossibility on stage. It does make more sense to have him there in the movie though.

However, I don't understand why the director used the take when Hugh's Valjean seemed to have made an obvious grammatical mistake: On his death, he sang, "On this page, I write my last confession" to Cosette while handing her the letter. I thought it should be "I wrote my last confession"? Why did they change it? Or was it just a slip from Hugh. If so, why did Hooper use that version?
It's 'I write my last confession' in the stage version as well.

There were far worse grammatical issues - Hugh Jackman messing up "I run a business of repute, I am the mayor of this town" being the most glaring one for me.

In her case I don't think it has helped that both Fantine and Eponine are supporting roles, so that the attention was always going to be drawn to one instead of both. If one of the roles, Fantine's, had been made more of a leading role, then I think Samantha Barks would have got more attention and possibly more awards.

As for Eddie Redmayne I'm not sure why he's been ignored, like Hugh Jackman there was some flaws in his performance but again I put that down to direction, overall he was great. It's not like he hasn't been recognized in the US before, he won a Tony award a few years ago for Red.

As someone has said you have to have the right people behind you as well as a good performance to make an impact in awards season.
I agree with all of that, and I think it's a huge shame that Samantha hasn't got a bit more recognition, but it was inevitable. Fantine could never be made into a main part.

Eddie Redmayne was a few critics' outside pick for Supporting Actor nominations, but sadly too many repeat nominees were chosen instead.

most of the really emotional lines that should be belted out were reduced to either speaking or whispers.
There's no such thing as 'should have been belted out' - just because they're done that way on stage (often necessarily, as Sam Barks has said in a few interviews, to reach the back of the theatre) doesn't mean that's the 'correct' way to do it, or that there even is a correct way. A lot more subtlety is possible on camera and it would have made no sense at all for the characters to just stand there belting.

The movie is not a carbon copy of the stage show, anyone watching it thinking it is will inevitably be disappointed. Take it isolation for what it is, and it's a different matter entirely.
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