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Let Me In 8/10 (Lovefilms) - It's about a young boy and his new love interest whom is not as she first appears. I really enjoyed it and really would recommend it.

Fear Island 5.5/10 (Lovefilms) - A group of teenagers getting killed off. I found it completely predictable which greatly ruined it. I think these sorts of stories have been done to death now so something 'more' is needed.

Shelter 6.5/10 (Lovefilms) - with Julie Ann Moore who plays a psychiatrist with a new patient and a rather unusual curse. It was entertaining enough.

Dredd 9/10 It's about a future world where crime is high and there are not many law enforcers who act as policemen, judges and executioner. This is about one particularly good law enforcer and a new rookie. Upon re-watching this at home, I still love it!
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