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Oh, please. Spare us your sanctimonious lecturing.
Touch a nerve did I? Did I use too many long words? Apologies for that......

And far from “sanctimonious lecturing” (insulting really which shows you have no argument) it’s a simple statement of the facts. Even now when they’re in administration and the website is shut down, some people seem pathologically incapable of seeing the online and the bricks and mortar as wholly seperate businesses.

one only gets the right to be as smugly condescensing as this if it's a universally-accepted rule of differentiation. It isn't.
“smugly condescending” (more insults - noted). And no, I get to say I’m right if I am right as is the case with HMV and Some other businesses operate what? I don’t bring my unreasonable expectations to bear when I’m dealing with other companies or even other people and I certainly don’t expect to force them upon anyone or anything, unlike some....

I entirely agree that HMV are entitled to run two different operations- I've nothing against that in principle, provided they explain this in their terms and conditions.
And they DO just that so you’ve negated your entire post. Well done you! A spectacular own goal.

Yes, we know that *you* find out every detail of a business as soon as you visit its website. However, most ordinary people identify things by brand- and given that this is the whole point of branding, it's unreasonable for you to blame them for not meeting your obsessive standards.
I’ve known since I started using them that one is NOT interchangeable with the other because I took all of...ooh...10 seconds to check. Hardly “obsessive” but it suits your attempt to polarise I suppose. And I would suggest that this far down the line most people are aware that HMV and were/are two seperate businesses as seems to be illustrated by the fact that newspapers and forums aren’t constantly filled with stories from irate buyers bemoaning not being able to return an online purchase to a store and vice versa.
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