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Let it be known that I was very apprehensive about Les Mis and have felt like that for a long time. I just never "got it", the stage musical had this weird boy/girl child for its promotional poster and all images from it made it look so dark and serious. If I see a musical I want Julie Andrews running around an alpine mountain top or a flying car that makes a funny noise.

Anyway the film version is here and if it weren't for the better half wanting to see I'd have probably never bothered.

I grimaced through the first 15 minutes as I struggled to make head or tail of what was being sung - seriously, could you tell what any of those words were?
Enter Anne Hathaway who somehow totally lifted the film up a few notches. My attention was sparked, she gave a world-shattering performance of I Dreamed A Dream that was truly the most emotional thing I've experienced for some time.....and then she ****ING DIES!!!!!!!!!
Are you kidding me??????

My heart sank, I had another two hours of this to get through without the one thing that would've made it bearable. I'll give it its due, there were some good things to come. I enjoyed Helena B-C and Sasha B-C in their main appearance, Samantha Barks was a p,erasure to watch but just what is it about this Eddie Redmayne guy? Because I'm just not seeing it, he just lacks something that would engage me and thrill me. He just comes across a posh drama school totty...very dull, Amanda Seyfried seemed like she walked in from the set of another musical about yodelling.

Well, about 5 hours later I felt a climax building but There was more facing off to be done between a good Hugh Jackman and a passable Russell Crowe. One of you just kill the other for Christ sake and be done with it, oh hang on Russell is a suicidal wimp after all.

By the wedding scene that was totally undermined by the unnecessary reappearance of Sasha and Helena, we were flung full on at a snails pace towards the church set emotional finale which resembeled the last moments of Return of the Jedi but with lots of candles.

And that was that, a big strong stage production picked up and slapped on the silver screen for us. Not awful, but not great....

Les Marmite!
Love it or hate it!
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