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Haven't the time to read through the pages of comments in this thread, but I am glad to read now that people, like me, dislike (rather intensely) Hugh's version of Bring Him Home.

But I suspect it's Tom Hooper's fault here. I am sure, in his umpteenth take on the song, there must some he sang it like a quiet plea/prayer to God, and some where he screams and shouts. I mean, how can the characters (Marius, the students sleeping) possibly not be woken up by his loud entreaty??? I blame this almost entirely on the director for picking a version, apparently for the sake of being different from the soft, pensive and heart-breaking intercession song that made this solo so famous world over...
I saw Colm Wilkinson as Valjean, his" Bring him " was wonderful'
I have just brought the film track and have to say was a little disappointed, Russel Crowe was poor and so was Helena Bonham Carter. Maybe on the big screen they were better?
I got the CD from amazon, and for 10 got the original stage version as well. No comparison. The film track does not have all the songs.
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