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Italy - It's a nice song, but nothing special. The middle picks up during the duet. 5.5/10
Latvia - Just what we need, more snow and a dodgy MS Pain Snowman It's ok, I don't get it and is easily forgettable. 4/10
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Wow from B&H, a very nice song, something that I thought Bosnia would never provide. It's one of those "Why could I not find a song like this for them!" moments. 6.5/10
Czech Republic - And I thought the Latvian video was WTF Well the chorus is fine, but the rest is dire and I can't tell a word she says. 5/10
Iceland - Not really a fan of Bjork, but that does not end today. This would send me mad on repeat! 1/10
Sweden - Reminds me of someone when I was at college, and he was cute. A big step up from Iceland, this actually sounds like a song. I like it! 7/10
Malta - First few notes, and I immediately thought 1980s. It feels really depressing from the start, but that burst in the middle (a bit late though) picks it up, but just for a little, and depressing again. 3/10
Israel - Fourth time lucky for him to actually make a fine in DSFE, it's an all right song, but he's not having much success in DSFE unlike his USAvision song where he won (just thought I'd mention it). 5.5/10
Germany - I really was not expecting her voice, however it's rather nice to hear, and the song is quite quirky, but warm, and cheerful, really good. 6.9/10
Estonia - The Finnic languages are very nice to hear, on a good song, however this song, well not really. 4/10
Montenegro - Ok first thoughts, I might not like this... waiting for the lyrics... Oh no! Well it is Montenegro - a bonus '.5' though. 2.5/10
Georgia - Really don't want to write a long review for this. Not good. 2.6/10
Hungary - I don't see how that watch is meant to tell the time, I hope time flies listening to this. 2.6/10
Russia - Well that's bad opera. Ok it's warming especially the main vocals, even with the heavy beat. It's trying to do an Extremadura, but not as good. 6/10
Finland - A very rocky soundtrack, with some very nice vocals. 7/10
Lithuania - Another 'Official' song from a sporting event. I keep want to sing "It's my time" though. Nothing special. 5/10
Norway - There are some filthy f*****g songs in this SF. Well it's a shame she didn't qualify in MGP, but I think this will, the song flows very nicely. 7.5/10
Portugal - Nope, nothing, really don't get this song at all. 3/10
Ukraine - Oh this is very much what Ukraine would send to actual Eurovision, very DIVA! 7/10
Croatia - This is crashing back to Earth, not a fan. 4.5/10
Slovakia - A very cheery song, and foot tapping, but not a winner in my eyes. 5.6/10
Belarus - More blooming snow, TBH I find this boring, 4/10
Switzerland - Ah this is more like it, not so strong though, I certainly thing Switzerland's actual ESC song is far better though. 5.5/10
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