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I really hope you're right! Which series was the DIY store and lighthouse episodes? Ive got a video tape recording of 5-6 episodes, which are pure gold, although the quality of the tape has greatly diminished over the 14 or so years.
That was Series 8 (1995-1996) "Lock In" and "Finders Keepers" so quite a while to go for them. But in the meantime I would recommend tranferring them to DVD if you don't think they would survive that long.

Is it just me or do the boys employ half their family in the cast?
The Chuckles have very distinct features and I am often amazed how many others in the show bear a strong resemblance to them.
The only family members are their older brothers Jimmy and Brian, the Patton Brothers. Who play No Slacking and Getoutofit. Maybe the odd appearance from a family member over the years, but nothing significant to them other two.
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