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Just seen it and absolutely loved it! It seemed to lose a little bit of the momentum in the last 15 minutes or so, but it ended fantastically. Christoph Waltz, Leo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson were all superb (Jackson was hilarious, his best role in years).

And for a 12:10pm screening it was packed too, didn't think it would be that busy at that time.
I saw it at 12:10 on Saturday at my local cinema too, it too was packed.
was quite disappointed in this. his films are getting more and more self indulgent. this could have lost a good 45 mins and been superb. ideally 15 mins near the start and the last half hour.

leo and christoph waltz were both great - jamie foxx let it down badly though. he was just dull and the big romance between him and kerry washington was a damp squib. she was bad too i thought.

this probably sounds a bit odd as im white but i had a bit of a problem with the constant use of the n word (i feel bad even writing the word down). i dont know why it troubled me so much as it was a film about slavery... i think it was overused and they ended up using it for laughs. i know we were supposed to be laughing AT leo and SLJ but it made me feel uncomfortable and not it the way i assume QT wanted us to feel.
No chemistry what so ever; I was expecting to get 'emotional' when they met, I didn't.
i think that was zoe bell..the girl from death proof
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