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Have you seen the hero's journey (google it) I'm on my phone and can't post link w/out great difficulty. It is a structure that you can apply to all good books and movies. Amazing.

They call the "redemption" the "resurrection" which is even more emotive. However, if you set aside religion it still applies. Just a revelation about your life / your journey / your current situation / your problem.

Redemption doesn't have to mean in a religious sense it is just deliverance or rescue from something. So DM is rescued from his old life which wasn't fulfilling in anything but a financial sense and a hollow social one (his peers, his father, Edith) and he knew it subconsciously but he's still fighting the revelation that took him from London to Portwenn.

Hope this isn't repetitive, I can't see what I wrote before without scrolling back on this tiny screen : )
Thanks for this -- I thought it was so apt that it deserved a link:

And there is also this, for you reading pleasure:
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