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OK, well I didn't think I needed to, but I will add that that, quite clearly, is my opinion.

To me, the emotion of the songs was lost due to the decision to make them speak-sung. Not saying people can't enjoy or that it's not the 'correct' way to do it, just that I thought it made the songs less powerful and, as a result, inferior to other versions.
That's how it was written and always meant to be! (and hardly unique!)

What is this hang up that people, who haven't got a clue about musical theatre, have with it all being sung. - Take the knicker elastic out and open your minds to something above pretty musical crap for kiddies. So they didn't all dance off over the mountains in a flying car beyond the rainbow and your kids won't like it - GOOD! It will keep the terminally uneducated out of classy productions.

Education in what people are posting about and that thinking that "It's my view/opinion" makes what they post have some sort of validity.

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