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That's how it was written and always meant to be! (and hardly unique!)

What is this hang up that people, who haven't got a clue about musical theatre, have with it all being sung. - Take the knicker elastic out and open your minds to something above pretty musical crap for kiddies. So they didn't all dance off over the mountains in a flying car beyond the rainbow and your kids won't like it - GOOD! It will keep the terminally uneducated out of classy productions.

Education in what people are posting about and that thinking that "It's my view/opinion" makes what they post have some sort of validity
So if people don't like the constant sung/stage style they have closed minds and are uneducated?
How sanctimonious and supercilious of you. So you consider yourself classy because you like grown up musicals.
Someone with real class wonder make such a stupid comment.

Personally I don't like the fact that I hear a good song and want to "soak up" that song but there's no time for that because you're thrown straight into another song.

I saw Sweeney Todd in London recently which was massively better than this.
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