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No, of course not, but in my opinion people who are surprised it is sung through have no-one but themselves to blame, it's not hard to find out that a musical doesn't have to have dialogue. And it's equally easy to find out that Les Mis has been a sung-through musical for 28 years.

Everyone's perfectly entitled to dislike the fact that it's sung through, but it was never going to be anything else, so if someone was unprepared for that when they went to see it it's their own fault.
No one but themselves to blame?????

Why would anyone attempt to find out.

This film adaptation is sold to the masses as a musical, nothing more - nothing less.
If you classy people know its all sung then that's bully for you. There's no law saying you should do research before seeing a film, if someone hears an interview with Hugh Jackman on the radio discussing the new musical he's in then who is to blame if that person takes him at his word and goes to the cinema to see it.
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