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I genuinely didn't realise the film version has ONLY been made for people who know every detail about the story and stage play. If I'd known it wasn't for the more casual movie or musical lover I wouldn't have bothered.

How silly of me not to know there were rules applicable to the viewing of this film.

Note to self: must study, learn and remember EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF LIFE FROM THE LAST 20 YEARS
I'm with you on the snobbery of those that have seen the theatrical musical production. My first recollection of it was the 1978 (Excellent) TV production with Anthony Perkins and Richard Jordan - and I'm quite certain not a single note was sung! I'm pretty sure there were several earlier non-sung productions.

Having said all of that - you could have knocked me down with a feather when I realised the story is actually based on a BOOK!
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