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Les Misérables
Got to be honest, I hate musicals, the film was longer than a piece of string and I had no idea what the heck was going on – I had to read up on the plot when I got home haha… – but the casting was better than the piece of work I recently had on me arm… Visually it also looked impressive – the sets, costumes, directing, camera work and so on were all top stuff. There’s also some well known people acting their socks off and singing throughout and that unknown little girl that’s in the film is actually pretty good! As much as I love music and as well put together as it is, I cannot get over the fact that it’s a musical which doesn’t appeal to me (Mrs. White loved it though!) that being said it’s not a bad film, very well acted (or sung) and put together. Has to be said, Hugh Jackman can sing the clothes off a nun... To quote Homer Simpson: “brilliant! I have absolutely no idea what’s going on…..” 5.5/10 (mainly because I don’t like musicals. Everything else is good though)
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