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Ted - 200 Farts & a car chase. Utterly woeful 1/10

Meant to watch it last night but got too late. Ended up flicking through to find the Confessions of Plumbers Mate & Driving Insructor on Movies 24. Dreadful films, as bad as you can get and the IMDB ratings of 2.5 /10 is generous, but was keeping an eye out for Robert Lindsay, Elaine Paige and Biggins.

The single one thing you take for granted when you watch a film & a British 70s tawdry sex comedy was the previous flick you've seen 24 hours earlier is that it's some sort of improvement. This had the unique achievement of being even worse.

It's just woeful IMO & I grew up through the 80s and loved them. The supposed jokes are futile, just farts, f*cks & wank1ng, characters uninteresting & little if any plot. Two or three scenes are so cringingly bad you wonder how they ever were even suggested.

Easily in the worst 10 of my 800+ ranked films and beneath Robin Askwith & his chums.
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