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A Little Fall of Rain is in it, and it's excellent btw one of my favourite scenes, it's just cut down. You can just about tell where it's cut as well so I think the full song was definitely filmed as well, so hopefully we will get to see it at one point. I imagine the full versions of most if not all the songs were filmed, if we're to believe that the first cut was 4 hours.
The whole thing was filmed, so hopefully it's on the DVD extras even if there's not a director's cut. I actually didn't notice where it was cut, it just seemed a bit shorter than the stage version. It wasn't as badly cut as On My Own!

As for it being sung-through, you don't need to know much about the musical, or even research it, to know that. How is calling it a musical misselling it? A musical implies that the cast/characters sing, it can be anything from a few songs to singing every line.
Exactly! I'm really confused as to how that is difficult to understand!

No one but themselves to blame?????

Why would anyone attempt to find out.

This film adaptation is sold to the masses as a musical, nothing more - nothing less.

If you classy people know its all sung then that's bully for you. There's no law saying you should do research before seeing a film, if someone hears an interview with Hugh Jackman on the radio discussing the new musical he's in then who is to blame if that person takes him at his word and goes to the cinema to see it.
Bit in bold: yes, and that's exactly what it is - no-one can complain about the constant singing as they know they're seeing a musical, and there isn't one definition of a musical. You don't need to know much about musicals to know that.

Maybe I take too logical an approach, but I'm not going to waste my money on something I know I won't like (e.g. I hate horror movies, would never pay to see one), so I don't mind taking 2 minutes to google a film I'm going to see to have a rough idea of what it's about rather than going in completely blind. In fact, I don't really understand why someone wouldn't find out a bit about what they're paying good money to see, I'm sure most people would prefer not to waste money

Therefore I really don't have any time for people who've been surprised by the constant singing (disliking it is a different thing entirely, I didn't like all of it!). It's a musical, constant singing was always going to be a possibility, and in the case of Les Mis, a certainty.
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