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I posted this link on another forum. Might be interesting here for folk if they aren't aware of it.
It's a Radio 4 interview in September 2012 of about 3 minutes. LJ claims that she has no friends and no family will talk to her (but fails to mention the imaginary rock star boyfriend) and spent her birthday alone.
Also claims women love her becuase they can relate to her as she write about 'real things'.
She says that the main reason she married her (ex) husband was so that she could write a newspaper column about him (it's about 2 minutes in)
Astonishingly the Radio 4 interviewer doesn't challenge her on that or the other bizarre statements she comes out with, such as telling people she stole her ex husband's sperm and she only wrote about it to warn men about how manipulative 'women' can be.
Her quivery 'deaf' tv voice has gone in this interview too- it's a medical miracle!
She is a socialised psychopath- tells so many lies she actually believes most of them. When other numpties in the media don't challenge her either, that helps feels even more entitled to bullshit people.
Nasty vile woman.
Here it is:
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