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Italy: It gets a bit epic by the end and very traditionalist Italy, which I like I guess. 6.5/10
Latvia: I imagine this is a christmas song. I hate christmas songs. 3/10
Bosnia & Herz: This was my Bosnian song. </3 I really love it. 8/10
Czech Republic: ....... Lmao. 6/10
Iceland: Not a fan of Bjork, sorry. 4/10
Sweden: Cheese central! 6/10
Malta: I like this. 7.5/10
Israel: I really don't like Adam Lambert. 0/10
Germany: I was not expecting this! Really quirky and cute. I like it, but it's nothing special. 6/10
Estonia: I wasn't enjoying the first verse but there's something about the chorus I can't stop relistening to... Very good. 8/10
Montenegro: There's the Montenegro we all love and hate. 1/10
Georgia: Oh my lord. 2/10
Hungary: It just gets worse... 2/10
Russia: Another of my songs, but I don't like it much. 3.5/10
Finland: Really love Tarja/Nightwish. Good song! 7/10
Lithuania: Not her best song, but still good. 5/10
Norway: Good but not great. 4/10
Portugal: I don't really 'get' it... 3/10
Ukraine: Omg I love this. 9/10
Croatia: This is good. 6/10
Slovakia: This is a bit cringey. Reminds me of that B*Witched song with the video, lmao. 5/10
Belarus: Not a fan, Estonia is much better. 4/10
Switzerland: Ending with a great song. Really like this. 9.5/10

What a terrible standard.
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