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I dont' get this. I really don't. The poster of the film of Les Miserables clearly says a musical phenomenon. What you do you think that means?

edit to add: having read your reply. I can see what you are 'complaining' specifically, as a almost completely sung through musical versus a sung and spoken-dialogue musicals which you called the 'standard' musical.

Actually there isn't a proper definition of what musical entails. If you don't like it, it's fine. But did you not like it because it's all completely sung through, or because the musical numbers just did nothing for you? There is a difference here. If it's the former, then the production crew (esp. the director) had failed to convince you suspend disbelief that in this fictional world he's conjuring, people in it communicate through songs. If it's the latter, there's nothing much anyone can do about it, I supposed. I feel sorry that you don't enjoy it, because you wasted money and time on it.

I am biased against many so-called blockbusters like superheros movies, or stories like Harry Potter, Twilight saga, Lord of the Rings, Avatars. By default, I always avoid them, until I read enough of the reviews in Rottentomatoes before I decide if I should invest my time on it.

So far, I have not watched a single film of the Twilight saga (though I love the BBC3 series about vampires and werewovles called Being Human), and I've only watched the first ep. of Harry Potter. I fell asleep through the first part of LOTR. The last two I rented it on DVD, so I spent very little and had a lot of control of what I wanted to see and what I consider as a waste of time and energy.
I knew it was all-sung and that didn't put me off as i quite enjoyed Evita and Sweeney Todd. But i find it hard to suddenly get thrown into another song the very second one has finished as there's no time to catch your breath.

My main complaint here is the presumption that "people only have themselves to blame" for not knowing that it's all-sung.
Why should they?

I totally understand that Les Mis has a massive and has a very very loyal following but i think some have lost sight that there are bound to be many people who are "new" to Les Mis and would genuinely not know it's all-sung.

To belittle people and call them uneducated and having brains full of "knicker elastic" for not knowing is very unfair.
How is musical theatre to attract new fans if they are met with this superior attitude if they do not "get it" first time?
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