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I don't generally participate in the pile-ons, no, but I think it's fair to make the observation though.

But I personally don't have an issue with the article - they've clearly requested an interview with her and she's consented. That fact does tend to get lost in the rush to trot out the usual soundbites though.
Really, what's your problem? Helen consented to an interview about how she's not thick and proceeded to then show precisely how thick she is. She can cloak it in ditziness or dizziness but it is, at base, thickness that she seems almost to glorify in and wear as a badge of honour. Which is why she annoys people. Thickness is not attractive.

This is the trouble with zelebs without talent: there's little else to comment on other than their attempts to remain in the spotlight. If she had a career, then at least there's that to comment on but all Helen offers is endless opportunities to comment upon how thick she is. That is Helen's problem, not anyone elses. The ball's in her court if she wants to be seen otherwise. When she stops being thick, then people will stop calling her thick. It's really as simple as that.

For the record, I think she's harmless, probably well-meaning in her own grimly limited way, pretty, and I loved her in Corrie and think it's a real shame that she hasn't managed to capitalise on that in terms of building an acting career.
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