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Linking to an article and saying "Oh go away" doesn't strike me as an attempt to start a discussion. It just strikes me as bizarre - 'this woman doesn't deserve attention - let's all look at her'.
Well exactly. People can't seem to make this connection. It's the same with Cole - people start endless threads about her every waking moment* and then complain about it.

(*exaggeration for effect, obviously ..)

Really, what's your problem? Helen consented to an interview about how she's not thick and proceeded to then show precisely how thick she is
Can't quite see in the piece where she shows how "thick" she is, but anyway, I suspect something like this ..

She tweeted that she had almost reversed over boyfriend Scott in her Land Rover after dropping him at Manchester Airport, not realising he was still unloading luggage from the boot. It was an attempt, she says, at self- deprecating humour but again it misfired.
.. if tweeted by a comedian, or a comedic actress, would have been considered mildly amusing. But since the perception of Flanagan is as it is, it's probably taken very, very seriously and not considered funny at all.

I can certainly understand self deprecating humour - I do it often enough myself, so I can certainly sympathize with her in that respect.

But then I suppose it comes down to interpretation again. You (not you specifically Lexi, obviously) like a celebrity, you "get" them. You dislike them, you pick apart everything they say or do.
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