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I genuinely didn't realise the film version has ONLY been made for people who know every detail about the story and stage play. If I'd known it wasn't for the more casual movie or musical lover I wouldn't have bothered.

How silly of me not to know there were rules applicable to the viewing of this film.

Note to self: must study, learn and remember EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF LIFE FROM THE LAST 20 YEARS
There YOU go bringing in the snobbery. The film is open to all who can cope with something being sung-through.

Just why anyone can't cope with it or post it as a negative point like they are children brought up on Mary Poppins where it's; some plot spoken: Pretty song: some more plot spoken: some fake impending danger that works out just fine: final group song with everyone marching off over the rainbow, and so totally unable to see anything that isn't that as a correct and proper musical.

So Les Mis is open to all. The exceptions are the inverse-snobs looking down on Les Mis because it ain't how their local panto goes.

Education in Musical Theatre is the only cure for that. I mean Jesus Christ Superstar the film came out in 1973 and that was sung through so how many decades will it take? And Tommy and so many many more!
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