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.. if tweeted by a comedian, or a comedic actress, would have been considered mildly amusing. But since the perception of Flanagan is as it is, it's probably taken very, very seriously and not considered funny at all.

I can certainly understand self deprecating humour - I do it often enough myself, so I can certainly sympathize with her in that respect.

But then I suppose it comes down to interpretation again. You (not you specifically Lexi, obviously) like a celebrity, you "get" them. You dislike them, you pick apart everything they say or do.
The above is fair comment - we do make allowances for those we get/like - but Helen would need far greater comedic abilities for her actions to be seen in a humorous or self-deprecating light because she comes across as so utterly self-involved and oblivious to the world around her.

Really, as I said, harmless, and in the scheme of things, deserves little more than an eyeroll, but for her own sake, she really should get a grip, see how irritating her very insular and self-involved take on things can be, and make an effort to build a career for herself that relies on something a little bit more substantial than this dopey dizzy ditzy persona.
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