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Do not want a CGI Gizmo. It will take away from its cuteness
Wasn't Gizmo CGI at times in Gremlins 2?

I thought he was CGI in the scene where he ran down an alleyway and when he was dancing on the table.

..although I think they should use puppets where possible in regards to Gizmo/Mogwai...for the "Gremlins" themselves it wouldn't matter as much as CGI can replicate reptiles very well (in the right hands).

I'd prefer they didn't do a straight remake of the first story. Do something different with them. A gremlins origin story would be interesting. I suppose Gremlins on a cruise ship, in a theme park or maybe used as a "chemical weapon" could all work.'ll be interesting to see if they go for a more "horror" vibe or keep it light ala Gremlins 2.
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