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The most depressing thing I've seen for years.

Still, I was kept entertained while everyone was sniffing around me to wonder why it constantly rained in Paris from 1815 to 1832. Why when everyone opened their mouths to sing, it rained.

Oh the singing. There was a lot of that. I'm no philistine, I go a lot to the opera as well as musicals. But this really didn't do anything for me. I think I was laughing more at the relentless misery of it all, and the ultimo was the sewer scene with that drippy student and all you saw in this mass of brown was two little eyes peeking out.

Like the death of Little Nell, you needed a heart of stone not to laugh.

It was good as a film (cinematic unlike so many musical translations) well done, and some songs are good. But it's just not a show I'd go mad over or want to see on stage I'm afraid. Not my cup of tea. A bit too overwrought.
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