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Finally got around to watching it. I really, really wanted to like this film; Casino Royale was an excellent resurrection of the franchise and Craig has given the Bond character more depth than any other actor. Quantum of Solace was dreadful - all that close-up cinematography and jump-cutting. When I saw the rave reviews for Skyfall, I was expecting the ultimate Bond film but it falls way short.

The cast did their best (with the exception of the actress playing Moneypenny who could not act at all) but they really didn't have much to work with. The themes of Bond aging, patriotism and the world changing were handled competently enough and there were some nice references to British culture - Turner's The Fighting Temeraire and a Tennyson poem - but these weren't enough to compensate for the slow pacing and ludicrous plot.

Of course the plots in Bond films don't bear much scrutiny at the best of times but the holes in Skyfall were big enough to drive an Aston Martin through with a helicopter in pursuit. Bond gets shot in the chest with a 'depleted uranium' round, yet this in no way affects his ability to fight another man on a train. He then gets shot again, falls hundreds of feet into a river, then over a waterfall etc. It's just absurd.

Why does Silva set himself up to get captured and then immediately escape? What was the point of getting captured? For a master criminal with massive resources at his disposal, why does his 'plan' involve something as risky as storming Westminster with a pistol and a couple of henchmen? Why does Bond lure Silva to Scotland with no back-up, epecially as he has previously relied on back-up to get off Silva's island?

Exotic locations are a staple of Bond films so why were Shanghai and Macau so woefully under-used? The former could have been an office building anywhere and the approach shot of Macau was at night-time so again, could have been anywhere. Scotland's a fabulous location so why only one shot of Glen Etive and then cut to the comically CGI house?

For me, this was a tragically wasted opportunity to give us the quintessential Bond film. I'm just staggered by the rave reviews. Adele being up for a solitary Oscar is the ultimate irony - a derivative dirge sung in a ridiculous accent.

Roll on the next one - I won't give up yet.
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