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Becky Sharpe
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she is on one page as Lizard Jones with her Prince book!
Tsk tsk, you naughty Amazon seller . Maybe [s]he is testing the market for unintentionally funny biographies, which some of us *cough* quite enjoy. Though a weekly dose of LJ via the Mail is more than enough for me. ______ EDIT: There is a book written by another[?] Lizard Jones listed beside LJ's Prince effort. A sample:
Rusty is one tired lesbian. She thinks the fruitless organizing, infighting, and lack of progress that is all too familiar to burnt out activists has finally gotten to her. Only after several visits to doctors does she discover that she is not "just tired" but has multiple sclerosis. This amazingly funny novel describes the difficulty of a life lived between waking and dozing. The structure of the book alternates dreamy passages with tight realism. Author Lizard Jones, a member of the Kiss and Tell lesbian art collective, tells Rusty's story with humor and grace.
How on earth could Amazon have got the two confused
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