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E4 are advertising this programme as "the programme everyone is talking about", not on here they're not, I've haven't watched it because I thought it looked like a load of preachy PC rubbish but reading and watching reviews I've found it quite funny how the views differ based on political leanings.

For example, AA Gill in the Sunday Times thought it could have been created by a "committee of social workers" and that the lead actress was scary, whereas the always right-on panellists on Newsnight Review all thought it was great and one even said that the lead actress was beautiful.

As for the music I wish they'd left it in it's original setting of late eighties/ early 90s, rather than the Britpop era which is not my favourite music.
Are you really trying to say that Anne McEvoy of the Economist and John Seargent are lefties?
Anne McEvoy!!On what planet?
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