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Thats rather chilling - the fact that he referred to himself as 'The Godfather' and made it clear he had plenty of contacts and could find basically anyones number, is rather telling. He was seen as a gangster type figure in the dancehall days in the 50s too - its staggering that such things could have been going on while he was on TV and thought of as some supposed national icon.

There's a photo of him wearing the same thumb ring as the character on the front cover of A Clockwork Orange, I saw mention of that elsewhere last week but I can't find it now, its like a large black and white eye.


I found some photos of him in robes and a mask, if anyones curious, see:- (that one might have already been posted, I'd have to double check)
Thanks for finding those especially the mask. I found the first and asked if someone else could find the mask so welll done Izzy.

I have to say that while everyone's experience is different, I never knew a single man who wore a kaftan in the 60s or 70s and I was an occasional 'weekend hippy' who lived in London at that time. They may have been worn in America, in films or on TV and in more recent depictions of those times but they were mostly worn by young women. If these are meant to be worn as hippy kaftans, JS does appear to favour the hooded ones. (Not all kaftans had hoods.) I don't see any connection between hippydom and JS unless he equated "Free Love" with the PIE. He looks as if he has left the 1970s behind quite some time ago in the third picture?

The mask picture is nothing to do with hippydom. It is disturbing and probably meant to be.
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