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I think Helen probably really is frustrated that everything she says and does seems to get jumped on. As pointed out, this doesn't happen with everyone and a more popular celebrity might not get treated in the same way.

I think she hopes to show us what she's really like. Contrary to what she thinks, though, I don't think she is very intelligent or deep, and I think she is rather thoughtless in some of her acts. But I don't see any evidence that she is deliberately unkind and I do think she seems rather vulnerable. I think she'd be better shutting up for a bit and getting herself together in private, and care a bit less about what strangers think.
Agreed Dave.

I think she's just a daft lass with no real malice in her, but she doesn't think before she acts. Every time she opens her mouth she seems to put her foot in it, so maybe as you say she needs to keep quiet for a bit and think about her actions when she's in the public eye.
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