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I also came across this random story from 2009:-


Sometimes no specialist training is needed, just a dash of have-a-go spirit.

Last August veteran broadcaster Sir Jimmy Savile fixed it for motorists when he stepped in to direct traffic after a road accident near his penthouse home.

Sir Jimmy had been on his way to dinner in Leeds when his car narrowly avoided a collision with a Mercedes. The Merc then collided with another car head-on, and Sir Jimmy jumped out of his own vehicle.

The 81-year-old began directing traffic around the wreckage. When the emergency services arrived, a police officer gave him a hi-vis jacket and told him to keep up the good work. Those years fronting road safety campaigns perhaps came in handy.
with a photo of him wearing the police jacket:-

The police just left him to it? surely they'd have been better taking over themselves? did JS promise to return the jacket later? its a criminal offence to wear police uniform and pass yourself off as a police officer when your not and that clearly is an official piece of police uniform, labelled 'Police'? hmmm, seems a little random to me. I guess it was maybe one of his policemen chums who gave him it?.
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