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Hi glaschelle. I feel very sorry for you if you have to work alongside someone like that. I still shudder with anger when I think about my own experience with a certain individual. She too spent most of her 'working day' (inasmuch not much work actually got done) deliberately causing trouble for others. Initially, she'd go all out to be BFF with people, buying gifts and inviting them to her home, etc. When these people woke up and realised how vile she really was, they'd back off and try to avoid her. Then she'd go in for the kill, even going as far as trying to get them sacked for having the audacity to try and break contact with her. The way she spoke to people who irritated her in some small way was shocking, and she was sometimes threatened with physical violence. Anything told to her in confidence was everyone's business in no time at all and she also had no qualms spouting personal details about her own affairs. In between whining about her lack of popularity, she seemed to take a perverse dellight in also revelling in it. Despised by practically all who knew her, no-one was sad to see the back of her when she left. Weird creature. Sound familiar?
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