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Why does Silva set himself up to get captured and then immediately escape? What was the point of getting captured? For a master criminal with massive resources at his disposal, why does his 'plan' involve something as risky as storming Westminster with a pistol and a couple of henchmen? Why does Bond lure Silva to Scotland with no back-up, epecially as he has previously relied on back-up to get off Silva's island?
I'm going to repeat some of what I said a few days ago. You're viewing Skyfall as if it's a classic traditional Bond flick. IMHO, it simply isn't meant to be. It's a celebration of 50 years of the Bond franchise. And so little things were added to the film to acknowledge this, one of them being Bond returning to his home in Scotland... Skyfall House. It's an examination of the Bond character.. his past.. what drives him.. where he is today.. what his weaknesses are.. what his relationship is with M.. where he is going. With various tips of the hat to the last 50 years, such as the Aston Martin inclusion and the claims they considered Sean Connery for the role of Kincade. They built a film around this concept. So yes.. there are some plot holes. But imho the best way to enjoy Skyfall is to relax and try not to view it as needing to tick all the Bond boxes. Instead, just view it as a movie celebrating 50 years and taking a closer look at Bond the character for once.. rather than looking at who he is sleeping with.

Plus I think the whole Scotland thing was also Bond basically taking the fight against Silva to ground he knew.. a location he would have the advantage and a location he knew Silva won't have infiltrated. Why fight him in whitehall when he can take him to Scotland where he knew he had the advantage. In that respect it makes sense. Plus if you wanted to question everything you could argue why didn't he just take a sniper rifle and shoot Silva the moment he landed on the helicopter. But then there would be no plot for the ending of the film. Although I do feel Silva should have escaped and continued into the next movie. A huge waste that.

And finally.. the Adele song doesn't deserve that. It's a brilliant song that sold the film perfectly.
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