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Thanks I found another photo of what looks like a similar, if not the very same, top worn when he was a fair bit younger:-
I'd have hated wearing something like that with the bits hanging off the hood - thats way too soppy, I'd have said as a kid lol.

Oh there's this as well:- thats not quite as 'zany' though.

The black and green Kaftans was part of the textiles auction of his bits when he died.

Page 5 Black Kaftan Item 215 sold for 170

Page 6 Green Kaftan with accompanying photograph of JS on Top of the Pops item 261 sold for 120

You may have to C&P the link into your browser.||&lotno=&noperpage=20&cat=&pg=80&orderby=&noofresults=171&catname=Textiles
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