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From what I understood, it was the writer who said Savile used a mask, not the "victim" and the whole ritual seemed to me more a staged act to scare her. A sadistic thing. Not that I believe in the story.

About "ritual abuse", I used to be of the same opinion of you. I'm not sure Wikipedia is the best source of info and so of the cases in the article remain "inconclusive". There seemed to be a "moral panic" about day care institutions in the 80's and early 90's that undermined the whole idea, especially in the US.

Then I watched this German documentary.

(It is in five parts. Terrible stuff)

And I'm not sure if I don't believe it anymore. The problem with "ritual abuse" is that the idea was hijacked by christians fundamentalists and conspiracy theorists, who thinks the world is controlled by Illuminati/Masons/Satan Worshippers/Jews colluded with the Catholic Church, etc. If there is "ritual abuse" these people are not helping.
Why anyone would disbelieve after that says more about them...

I didn't want to watch it and i think that is part of the problem. No-one, except those who gratify themselves at the expense of toddlers upwards, wants to believe it.

Even if there is any doubt, there should be all consideration given to the children involved.
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