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Are you joking? How quickly people forget. Before they took over ITV was airing the likes of The Palace, Britannia High, Rock Rivals and tired old stuff like Bad girls.
ITV drama is in a far stronger place than when they took over.
Sorry - your memory is playing tricks on you. Mackie and Haynes were at ITV when The Palace, Rock Rivals, Whistleblowers, Harley Street and many other duds were commissioned.

They've revived the channel's drama fortunes in part since then but at the expense of any originality - their hits are either carbon copies of other shows or linked to existing franchises. It's been enough to spin a PR line about 'a drama rennaissance' - but that's not strictly true ... and for every hit there have been many more flops. They certainly haven't got the channel back to where it used to be, churning out one drama smash after another and flattening the opposition. And yes, I know viewing habits have changed and there are more channels than there used to be - but a major hit is still a major hit, and ITV has nothing like as many in drama as it used to have.
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