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Lewis part 1 was 8.2m only with +1 - without it was 7.75m so the drop wasn't much at all.
Another reason why both figures should be made clear on here, to avoid this confusion, for the past few weeks officials (and a lot of overnights as well) posted on here have just included +1, with only @TVRatingsUK providing consolidated figures without +1. I always thought there was an unwritten rule that both figures would be posted so that all posters are happy and can compare ratings how they like. I think that's why there's been so many +1 arguments lately, and in some cases it seems it's being done deliberately to cause arguments.

I've wanted to post this a few times but didn't want to annoy anybody, I think all those who provide us with the ratings do an excellent job but the +1 arguments are tiresome, and the lack of ratings without +1 (the ones I feel should be used for comparisons, the main reason for this thread) has caused a lot more of them.

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